Shillings Capital

Structured Capital Solution

What makes Shillings Capital Different

Shillings Capital is a boutique Finance and Investment firm that puts investors first, helping them to reach their financial goals through alternative investment thinking while still ensuring that all assets are securered to reduce risk. We think independently rather than following outdated industry practices and our personalised approach, total commitment to serving investors coupled with our global experience make us unique in our industry.



We value strong long-lasting relationships with both our investors and the companies we fund. We continue to build these partnerships to ensure long term success for many years to come. We have worked with leading pension funds, endowments, insurance companies, private equity funds, family offices and other institutional and high net-worth investors.  


At Shillings Capital we take time to understand our clients needs and ensure that clients are in contact with key decision makers from day one. We strongly believe in the importance of collaboration, so you will have a dedicated team which will partner with you through the life of our facility.


Shillings Capital exists to support businesses in a way that other mid-market lenders do not. While the standard approach of traditional asset-based lenders can mean that fundamentally sound businesses can’t access the funding they need, at Shillings Capital we offer holistic funding solutions.

Our flexible approach means that we can lend across multiple geographies and across various asset classes. Our tailored approach provides a true alternative for businesses whose circumstances may not tick the boxes of traditional lenders.

Commercially Minded

Shillings Capital is focused on achieving the most positive outcomes for both its investors and borrowers. In complex situations, we work closely with businesses as an extension of their management team to find a funding solution. The team has accumulated over 60 years’ experience across lending, Investment Banking accounting, restructuring and transactions, giving confidence to investors and taking a hands-on approach to execution, underwriting and portfolio management.

Proven Financial Solution

Shillings Capital Balance

Striking the right balance between return and risk is often the difference between seeing your investment grow or dwindle, that why at Shillings Capital we put in place the right mix of risk mitigants and commercialisation to ensure long term growth. For our borrowers we align ourselves with companies that want a partner with a lender that takes the time to understand their unique position and then provide the capital to grow and exit as they grow.

Relationships Built on Trust

Understanding the needs of our investors, borrowers and business partners is what sets us apart. To become an accredited Broker or Advisor and experience the Shillings Capital difference with us contact us today.